Week #14

14 weeks, wow, the time goes fast…

This week i was working full time in 3mb, they come back with a big feedback, i created a stand alone page for the contact us, using contact form 7 with a drop down menu .

After that, we have new content and i start to add the pictures.

After that i was working for the website of WCB updating content, same with webjobsbangkok.com.

Was a cool week at the office, with the new IOS 7 in the market.

For me was a short week, on friday i had a day off in the office for some paper work.

See you next week.


Week #13

What a wonderful week, a lot to do, learning a lot more.

Silk Capital Legal and 3MB my two projects are going nice,

Last Week i was working in both projects, but mostly of the time with 3MB, Work with the Banners take a lot time, trying to looks better in AI and PS.

A lot changes, Footer, header (banner again) navigation Bar, spacing, Responsive, etc.

The responsive was not easy, create the responsive for each display, was a lot work, iphone, ipad, samsung galaxy, desktop.

Portrait and Landscape.

Google map now is responsive (looks good)


Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.54.10 AM

I was doing more articles for Web Jobs Bangkok on friday.

Also i did the first draft for a tutorial to make a nice and responsive website with Twitter Bootstrap.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.32.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.33.15 PM

On Saturday i participate in a workshop of Social Media Marketing at Web Courses Bangkok,  that was pretty awesome

Week #12

Week 12 was very active, the project of SILK Capital, is looking good, the Owner ask for have a special contact form with captcha, so i added the contact form 7 customized.

Also, he wanna have Social media page, with two columns of Twits and other column for Linkedin, is looking nice. but still some more work.

Carl, ask me to do some work for the new website of the Agency, so with Matt we was working in that, we add pictures and screenshots of all the project of the Agency. Abhi, is in charge to make the new website, and would be great !

I add two articles to Web Jobs Bangkok, 1 about getting a thai work visa, and other about Getting to your interview in Bangkok.

And on thursday was a great day for the agency, the website of Best Western Asia and Middle East is online.

Silk Legal

Week #11

Week 11, always nice, this week Carl and Pete, assign to me a new project, Silk Capital (is a law firm) looking a new website, is a One page website, we are working in WP, with a nice theme, i made a lot changes in theme, working with Custom CSS, i did a nice responsive navigation bar, i looking very good, but is not finish.

Also i was working in some articles for WCB, one article about LIVE CHAT APPs, and other about annoying thing in website.


week #10

This week we are very happy to have Matt, our new intern colleague at WCB , he can write very good post, great opinions, i was helping this week about the thing we do in the agency, after that i was helping with the first project, a Law Firm website, will go very good, he learn very fast, the website is in WordPress.

I was doing nice stuff this week.

Carl teach to us how to make Animated Banners in PSD, happy to learn new things every week.

I add the credit card option at the website of WCB, looks nice now, was nice to do it.

At the same time we have the feedback of 3MB a lot things to do.

I was working in that.

New header style, new homepage (banner)

Colors, font, and Footer.

Carl teach me how to add a footer to the theme in wordpress when is not a footer area in the widget. Was not easy but is going nice, i need to make it responsive now, for mobile option.

See you next week !




week #9

This week was amazing ! short because was a long weekend. but nice !

We have a business lunch for a new website, Bugs and Bee, nice restaurant located in Silom Road, and great food, the owners very nice people, would be a very nice job.

The work with Web Jobs Bangkok continue and  the website of the agency abhi and singh still working in that.

I was busy making a website in Twitter Bootstrap, Carl give to me option to practice with that and i’m very happy for the opportunity, first look for a PSD template and later make it in bootstrap. i will update pictures when is ready.

I was doing some articles for the blog in webjosbangkok, very interesting articles about working in thailand.

I was adding new costumers to our newsletter database.

I have a good time helping Tom one of our costumer with his website, he have some problem with the font installation and the media query for the responsive made it in Foundation, but i can fixed, so always feels good when you can help.

See you next week !

Week #8

Wow, 8 weeks, already 2 months in WCB.

Having a great time and  still learning , the new webjobsbangkok are running  very good ! a lot people are already adding new jobs to our website, this week we have a interview for a new intern for the design agency, happy to have a new partner.

This week we was working in new pages of the agency website, we will offer new SEO plans and packages, working on foundation 3, Abhi explain to me how to manage the website, and upgrade the portfolio, after that i was working in photoshop and illustrator for the website.

The website 3mb, is going ok, new we are waiting for the feedback of the company to continue with that.



Week #7

This is my week number 7, i still very happy here.

This week was very good, working in my project for 3MB i was working a lot with Illustrator to make the banners of the home page.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.21.47 AM


At the same time i was helping my friend and intern Singh to add content for a other project, this project is for a Australian company, they offer Plastic Surgery here in Bangkok for Australian people. So was a lot to do, but we made it on time and looks very nice now.

I add a new article for our page WCB about photography.

Also i did a lot practice in Photoshop for the Newsletter of Web Jobs Bangkok.

About the WebJobsBangkok, i was doing the newsletter to send to our costumer announcing our new design, the newsletter i made it with MAIL CHIMP, i will send it soon. 

I find the way to import all the database of the old Web Jobs Bangkok site, and there was more than 800 emails, perfect to send our newsletter


See you next week;



Week #6

Here again,

This week was very exciting, Carl change for complete the Web Jobs Bangkok theme, now looks amazing, but we still working in that, testing and we still finding new stuff to setup. A lot work but very happy to help with that.

I had other activity this week, for my project for the website for 3MB, the costumer wanted other home page style so i was working in that and looks beautiful now, but right now we are waiting for a feedback of the costumer. I’m working with very nice and interactive theme, Carl help me to install the Royal Slider pluging and is awesome.

See you soon


Week #5

Amazing week !

This week was a lot to do, we was working with the other interns in the new Website of WCB, thinking in the new home page and in the booking page, how to offer the difference courses and how the people can book with us, making a better UX.

At the same time i was making the Wireframe with Flair Builder, very nice program for create wireframe.

Carl assign to me the new website of WEBJOBSBANGKOK, we start to work with the theme JOBPRESS PRO, is not a easy theme to custom, but is going good !

Singh was helping me a lot.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5