First week (a new start)

After 6 years I finished my Law School, and now I decided to take a different path in life:

I am going to be a Web Designer.

My first week at Web Courses Bangkok started off well. I exchanged my books of law for a new world full of great creative people. A week of many new experiences.

Getting up early in the morning to get ready for work and spend all day in the office. Being part of very a diverse team – literally from all over the world – is exciting.


Day 1: start with a new project at the Agency, that is very challenge and i’m proud to do it.

i was learning how is work everything in the Agency, the day goes fast, a lot to do, a lot to learn but having a great time.

Every day in the morning when i arrive i’m reading a few articles to add at our facebook fan page, articles about web design, and graphic design.

Constructing a website for the client i learning how to work with a new theme in WordPress, this theme give me a lot of freedom to create a nice and responsive site.

photo 3

I was learning to work with Flair Builder, is a nice soft for make wireframe, also how to update the website of, i was making some graphic design in Photoshop and Illustrator.

photo 5

I was helping my colleagues with the courses projects.

My fun colleagues are a great help, and give me a lot of positive energy, teaching and help me a lot.

Singh, Abhi are great people with a lot of patience.

Carl, Pete and Taya, thanks for trust in me.




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