Week #2

Hello Everybody,

This was my second week at WCB Agency, the days goes fast, This week was nice, we are working together a with Singh and Abhi,

Singh and Me, we are trying to make the best tutorial for the students of the Intermediate Web Design Course, a easy one, everybody can follow.

Abhi always help, he have a lot of knowledge of coding, so this is good for me.

Carl assign to me to do some tutorials for photoshop, and write some articles for the website, one about Annoying stuff at websites and a info graphic about live chats.

I was doing the Fridays Inspiration week #11.

About WebDesign

I was practice with a the Theme Surplus and Chameleon. I’am very happy on next week start my first project for a new company in thailand and we will do the Website, on tuesday i will go to observe and check the Photoshoot session, would be great.

On friday we was all together working in a big project for the world’s largest hotel chain, was great.

Carl is great doing wireframes to show to the costumers.

working together



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