Week #7

This is my week number 7, i still very happy here.

This week was very good, working in my project for 3MB i was working a lot with Illustrator to make the banners of the home page.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.21.47 AM


At the same time i was helping my friend and intern Singh to add content for a other project, this project is for a Australian company, they offer Plastic Surgery here in Bangkok for Australian people. So was a lot to do, but we made it on time and looks very nice now.

I add a new article for our page WCB about photography.

Also i did a lot practice in Photoshop for the Newsletter of Web Jobs Bangkok.

About the WebJobsBangkok, i was doing the newsletter to send to our costumer announcing our new design, the newsletter i made it with MAIL CHIMP, i will send it soon. 

I find the way to import all the database of the old Web Jobs Bangkok site, and there was more than 800 emails, perfect to send our newsletter


See you next week;



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